How to make a Gmail pop up notification on your Android

If you have many gmail accounts on your phone and want to make ONE or more of them stand out from the rest, you may want to change their notifications. I currently have 4 accounts, so I need some of them to be on hold until I’m in front of my computer. And, I also don’t want a hundred notifications a day about the shopping site selling me shoes.  I just want to know about the good stuff, my leads and transactions.  So here is what I set up on my Android device. In your Gmail app, select the 3-bar icon  then Settings  Click on the Email you want to change, then go to: Manage Notifications App Notifications – Change to: Importance Urgent: Sound and pop up on screen THEN, change all the other emails that you don’t want to have pestering you to: Low: No sound or visual interruption

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