AHS and 2-10 Home Warranty Comparisons

American Home Shield – Service Fee $75 (Shield Plus covers appliances $585 (with tax $624)) Link to compare AHS plans side-by-side  2-10 Home Warranty (Supreme covers appliances $570 (with tax $608.48 ) and so does Basic $465 (with tax $496.39) – Service Fee $100 (you can pay $50 extra dollars to make the service fee $75 instead of $100) Neither warranty offers any coverage for generators. You may have money allotted in your contract that is more than the final cost of the warranty. Unfortunately, money that goes toward a home warranty in your closing only goes there – overages do not get credited toward other line items on your statement.

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Trello Overview

Here is a Trello Overview – For a more productive YOU! Within Trello, you have Boards (projects). Opening up a Board allows you to see Lists (Gray) and Cards (white) within the Lists. You can change your background to a more pleasing scene or color. (Show Menu | Change Background) You can click on the background and drag left and right to see the entire project. A List can be created by double clicking on the background. Within the List, you can make Cards. A Card can contain Checklists (you can copy checklists between cards!), Labels (Green for go! or make your custom label), Attachments (Add a thumbnail picture to your card) and Due Dates that integrate with your Google Calendar. The beauty of Trello is that you can Archive Lists or Cards as you complete them. Then when you open a project timeline (Board), you can see exactly what you need to […]

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