Chrome – Clear Cookies, History, Cache and more

There may be a time when you can’t figure out why weird things keep happening to you while you’re using your Chrome browser. You may need to clear your cookies (after you toss them LOL).  Things like online programs not working the way they should, you may keep getting logged into a website as a different user, web pages look funny, etc. may be helped by clearing your cookies and data. Click on the 3 Dots in the upper right corner (under the X) and then look for Settings. Click Settings and you’ll be taken to a new page – chrome://settings (you can also type those words into your address bar) Now you’re getting to be a fancy, tech geek!  Scroll down and click Advanced.

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What Is a Bedroom?

What is a bedroom? Do not disqualify rooms in these homes which do not contain closets if they were clearly intended to be used as bedrooms. Older homes were designed with Armoires in mind. Is there sufficient space in the room to accommodate standard bedroom furniture? 8’x10’ is suggested for a single bed, and 10’x11½’ for double beds. Newer homes are expected to have bedrooms, if a room does not, you can use the “Bonus Room” category. Septic Tanks – How Many Bedrooms Can You List on the MLS In Western North Carolina, one of the biggest determining factors of whether a bedroom can be listed as a bedroom on the MLS, is the capacity of the septic tank. Septic tank drain fields and number of drain field pipes determine the bedrooms permitted.  Each bedroom allowed is expected to hold 2 people. Does the home comply with governmental regulations (septic […]

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