Scraping FSBO Information from Zillow

1. Install Web Scraper2. Web Scraper Add extension3. How to access web developer tools4. Developer Window Settings5. Dock to bottom6. Click web scraper tab7. Close out whats new8. Go to zillow9. Click Buy link10. Uncheck everything but By Owner11. Select URL for entire search12. Create sitemap13. Paste URL into sitemap14. Add new selector15. Drag the window to expand16. Name your first selector17. Click selections button for selector18. Hover over the listing card link and select s then add the same link on the second card19. Look for the code and click Done selecting!20. Save Selector21. Check your work22. Check Data Preview for link codes23. Next Step in Web Scraper24. Bread Crumbs25. Open the listing and Add New Selector26. Name the Property Owner Id27. Type is Text28. Steps to Select the Property Owner info29. Clicking the S key will select the Property Owner code30. Highlight both fields by hitting the P […]

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