Dotloop IS DON’T LOOP! UN-USER Friendly

Dotloop IS DON’T LOOP! UN-USER Friendly  NC Realtors – real estate agents!  Do NOT send your offer through Dotloop!  Please send your offer as a PDF attachment in an email with the subject line including the address and keyword OTP or Offer!  In these times of multiple offers, do you REALLY want a listing agent to go through hassles trying to get your offer out of the cloud?  I surely don’t!  And I’m a computer nut that probably works 5 x faster than you!  Here’s why you’re doing your buyer a DIS-SERVICE by sending through Dotloop. In the first image below, you’ll see where I have opened up a document inside of Dotloop and only find a SHARE button.  In the second image, you’ll see that I actually had to hover over the hidden buttons to have them appear to me and select from the hidden menu.  Shame on Dotloop! […]

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