AHS and 2-10 Home Warranty Comparisons

American Home ShieldService Fee $75 (Shield Plus covers appliances $585 (with tax $624))

Link to compare AHS plans side-by-sideĀ 

2-10 Home Warranty (Supreme covers appliances $570 (with tax $608.48 ) and so does Basic $465 (with tax $496.39) – Service Fee $100 (you can pay $50 extra dollars to make the service fee $75 instead of $100)

Neither warranty offers any coverage for generators.

You may have money allotted in your contract that is more than the final cost of the warranty. Unfortunately, money that goes toward a home warranty in your closing only goes there – overages do not get credited toward other line items on your statement.

2-10 Home Warranty
AHS Home Warranty photo

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