Dotloop IS DON’T LOOP! UN-USER Friendly

Dotloop IS DON’T LOOP! UN-USER Friendly  NC Realtors – real estate agents!  Do NOT send your offer through Dotloop!  Please send your offer as a PDF attachment in an email with the subject line including the address and keyword OTP or Offer!  In these times of multiple offers, do you REALLY want a listing agent to go through hassles trying to get your offer out of the cloud?  I surely don’t!  And I’m a computer nut that probably works 5 x faster than you!  Here’s why you’re doing your buyer a DIS-SERVICE by sending through Dotloop. In the first image below, you’ll see where I have opened up a document inside of Dotloop and only find a SHARE button.  In the second image, you’ll see that I actually had to hover over the hidden buttons to have them appear to me and select from the hidden menu.  Shame on Dotloop! […]

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North Carolina Road Improvements Near Asheville

Below are links to the projects for road improvements: I-26 Widening I-26 Connector U.S. 25/U.S. 70 Improvements Amboy & Meadow Roads Widening Sweeten Creek Road Improvements U.S. 19/23 (Future I-26) Improvements Liberty Road/I-40 Interchange Please check the areas for your clients.  These are only areas very close to us. For all projects in NC, go here:

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Easily Find 9 Digit Zipcodes – Google Contacts

Did you know that you can easily find 9 digit zipcodes by adding a contact to your gmail account?  I say gmail account but really mean your google account.  That’s one of the wonderful features about having a gmail account – you get all that google has to offer as soon as you create a gmail account including, Contacts, Google Drive, Google Spreadsheets, etc. So, if you need to look up a 9 digit zipcode for an address, simply add the contact in your Google account and you’ve killed 2 birds with one stone! Go to and Click “Create Contact” and “Create Contact” in the pop up.     When you Click “Show More” at the bottom, you’ll be able to enter an address.  As soon as you start typing, addresses matching your text will start to show up.  Choose the correct address and Google will populate your address […]

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Canopy MLS Square Footage Requirements

While the North Carolina Real Estate Commission (NCREC) doesn’t require the reporting of square footage of properties offered for sale (or rent), Canopy MLS does. NCREC Residential Square Footage Guidelines state: It is essential that the information real estate agents give to prospective purchasers be accurate. At a minimum, information concerning square footage should include the amount of living area in the dwelling. Note in the listing data and advise purchasers of any space that does not meet the criteria for living area but which contributes to the value of the dwelling; for example, unfinished basements, unfinished attics (with permanent stairs), unfinished bonus rooms and other unfinished rooms. Decks, balconies, porches, garages and carports should not be included in any category of finished or unfinished area. As a general rule, the most reliable way for an agent to obtain accurate square-footage data is by personally measuring the dwelling unit and calculating the square footage […]

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Scraping FSBO Information from Zillow

1. Install Web Scraper2. Web Scraper Add extension3. How to access web developer tools4. Developer Window Settings5. Dock to bottom6. Click web scraper tab7. Close out whats new8. Go to zillow9. Click Buy link10. Uncheck everything but By Owner11. Select URL for entire search12. Create sitemap13. Paste URL into sitemap14. Add new selector15. Drag the window to expand16. Name your first selector17. Click selections button for selector18. Hover over the listing card link and select s then add the same link on the second card19. Look for the code and click Done selecting!20. Save Selector21. Check your work22. Check Data Preview for link codes23. Next Step in Web Scraper24. Bread Crumbs25. Open the listing and Add New Selector26. Name the Property Owner Id27. Type is Text28. Steps to Select the Property Owner info29. Clicking the S key will select the Property Owner code30. Highlight both fields by hitting the P […]

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Backup Your Texts

Texting has become the number one way people communicate. Agents communicate important information with their clients through SMS texting. It’s imperative that we backup our texts. Technically, agent’s clients are actually their firm’s clients. Therefore, every single communication is supposed to be kept on file with the firm.  Ugg.  I know this is not easy and I know that it may feel like an invasion of privacy, but it has to be done. If you are not backing up your texts, you must figure out a way to do it.   Luckily, in Android phones, you can set your texts to back up by going into: Settings Accounts and backup Backup and restore Toggle the Back up my data button Choose a gmail account to back up to (you don’t have to back up to your email account, BUT, you will have to manually pull in all texts to clients. […]

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Chrome – Clear Cookies, History, Cache and more

There may be a time when you can’t figure out why weird things keep happening to you while you’re using your Chrome browser. You may need to clear your cookies (after you toss them LOL).  Things like online programs not working the way they should, you may keep getting logged into a website as a different user, web pages look funny, etc. may be helped by clearing your cookies and data. Click on the 3 Dots in the upper right corner (under the X) and then look for Settings. Click Settings and you’ll be taken to a new page – chrome://settings (you can also type those words into your address bar) Now you’re getting to be a fancy, tech geek!  Scroll down and click Advanced.

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What Is a Bedroom?

What is a bedroom? Do not disqualify rooms in these homes which do not contain closets if they were clearly intended to be used as bedrooms. Older homes were designed with Armoires in mind. Is there sufficient space in the room to accommodate standard bedroom furniture? 8’x10’ is suggested for a single bed, and 10’x11½’ for double beds. Newer homes are expected to have bedrooms, if a room does not, you can use the “Bonus Room” category. Septic Tanks – How Many Bedrooms Can You List on the MLS In Western North Carolina, one of the biggest determining factors of whether a bedroom can be listed as a bedroom on the MLS, is the capacity of the septic tank. Septic tank drain fields and number of drain field pipes determine the bedrooms permitted.  Each bedroom allowed is expected to hold 2 people. Does the home comply with governmental regulations (septic […]

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