Backup Your Texts

Backup Your Texts! Your agency requires it!

Texting has become the number one way people communicate. Agents communicate important information with their clients through SMS texting. It's imperative that we backup our texts.
Technically, agent's clients are actually their firm's clients. Therefore, every single communication is supposed to be kept on file with the firm.  Ugg.  I know this is not easy and I know that it may feel like an invasion of privacy, but it has to be done.
If you are not backing up your texts, you must figure out a way to do it.
Luckily, in Android phones, you can set your texts to back up by going into:
Accounts and backup
Backup and restore
Toggle the Back up my data button
Choose a gmail account to back up to (you don't have to back up to your email account, BUT, you will have to manually pull in all texts to clients.
BEWARE - Don't get caught.  Lawsuits from clients may not seem apparent at the time you're in a transaction. You may think your client WOULD NEVER do that. Think again. People get mad. People do stupid things. People sue agents.
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For iPhone users, you'll need to be backing up to iCloud. Check that your phone is currently set to back up to iCloud with instructions in the first link below.
Please know that you only get 5Gb of storage with iCloud.  Get more storage for $0.99/mo (50Gb).
  • On your Mac, go to Apple menu  > System Preferences > Apple ID > iCloud, then click Manage.
  • On your PC, open iCloud for Windows.

Choose which apps to back up

Many iOS apps automatically back up to iCloud after you install them. You can change which apps back up and remove existing backups from your storage. Use these steps on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:

iOS 10.3 or later:

  1. Go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud.
  2. If you use iOS 11 or later, tap Manage Storage > Backups. If you use iOS 10.3, tap iCloud Storage > Manage Storage.
  3. Tap the name of the device that you're using.
  4. Under Choose Data to Back Up, turn off any apps that you don't want to back up.
  5. Choose Turn Off & Delete.

Make more space available in iCloud

If you run out of iCloud storage, your device won’t back up to iCloud, no emails will be sent or received and no texts will be saved.  Photos and videos won't upload to iCloud Photos, and iCloud Drive, other iCloud apps.

You can free up storage in iCloud by deleting unneeded content. Before you delete anything, you can copy your data. Check out these instructions: archive or make copies of the information you store in iCloud.

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