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Easily Find 9 Digit Zipcodes – Google Contacts

Did you know that you can easily find 9 digit zipcodes by adding a contact to your gmail account?  I say gmail account but really mean your google account.  That’s one of the wonderful features about having a gmail account – you get all that google has to offer as soon as you create a gmail account including, Contacts, Google Drive, Google Spreadsheets, etc. So, if you need to look up a 9 digit zipcode for an address, simply add the contact in your Google account and you’ve killed 2 birds with one stone! Go to and Click “Create Contact” and “Create Contact” in the pop up.     When you Click “Show More” at the bottom, you’ll be able to enter an address.  As soon as you start typing, addresses matching your text will start to show up.  Choose the correct address and Google will populate your address […]

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Chrome – Clear Cookies, History, Cache and more

There may be a time when you can’t figure out why weird things keep happening to you while you’re using your Chrome browser. You may need to clear your cookies (after you toss them LOL).  Things like online programs not working the way they should, you may keep getting logged into a website as a different user, web pages look funny, etc. may be helped by clearing your cookies and data. Click on the 3 Dots in the upper right corner (under the X) and then look for Settings. Click Settings and you’ll be taken to a new page – chrome://settings (you can also type those words into your address bar) Now you’re getting to be a fancy, tech geek!  Scroll down and click Advanced.

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Best Android App – Hands Free

Best Android App – Hands Free for real estate agents. Could this be the app I’ve been waiting for for years?  YES!  I think it is. And, I think you’ll come to rely on this app for everyday use.  Ever wanted your phone to read your texts to you while you’re driving?  And reply back with a speech to text engine?  Well, Google has an outstanding app that will do just that!  I believe it is the Best Android App – Hands Free helper that you can find. Check out more here: Download from Google Play here: Android Auto – Maps, Media, Messaging & Voice You can use the settings to automatically start the app when you connect your Bluetooth headphone. It automatically makes text larger and prioritizes Notifications so you can see the most recent at the top. Just say, “Okay Google” to have the app Navigate to […]

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Check Rush Hour Drive Time on Google Maps

Check Commute Times for Home Buyers Did you know that you can find a more accurate commute time from Google Maps Directions? You can also get notifications when it’s time to leave so that you’ll arrive on time. Just Google search your destination address or go to and search your destination there. Then click on Directions to add your origination address to find the drive time and distance. Click on Leave Now to change the drop-down selection to Depart At or Arrive By and add your desired time. Google’s mapping system has gathered average commute times and will let you know the range of time that you’ll need.   Allow notifications from Google for when it’s time to leave.     When making calendar events within Google Calendar, you can Add a Location that will auto fill when searching the address   (choose the auto fill). You can then […]

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How to make a Gmail pop up notification on your Android

If you have many gmail accounts on your phone and want to make ONE or more of them stand out from the rest, you may want to change their notifications. I currently have 4 accounts, so I need some of them to be on hold until I’m in front of my computer. And, I also don’t want a hundred notifications a day about the shopping site selling me shoes.  I just want to know about the good stuff, my leads and transactions.  So here is what I set up on my Android device. In your Gmail app, select the 3-bar icon  then Settings  Click on the Email you want to change, then go to: Manage Notifications App Notifications – Change to: Importance Urgent: Sound and pop up on screen THEN, change all the other emails that you don’t want to have pestering you to: Low: No sound or visual interruption

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