Trello Overview

Here is a Trello Overview – For a more productive YOU! Within Trello, you have Boards (projects). Opening up a Board allows you to see Lists (Gray) and Cards (white) within the Lists. You can change your background to a more pleasing scene or color. (Show Menu | Change Background) You can click on the background and drag left and right to see the entire project. A List can be created by double clicking on the background. Within the List, you can make Cards. A Card can contain Checklists (you can copy checklists between cards!), Labels (Green for go! or make your custom label), Attachments (Add a thumbnail picture to your card) and Due Dates that integrate with your Google Calendar. The beauty of Trello is that you can Archive Lists or Cards as you complete them. Then when you open a project timeline (Board), you can see exactly what you need to […]

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Email Into Trello Board

Email Into Trello Board is a way of efficiently adding a task to your Trello project timeline. If you’re using a Buyer Template or Seller Template, you can email into your board tasks such as a follow up to a phone call, a reminder to print more brochures, call the landscaper and more. Creating a specific List for Incoming Tasks will help you prioritize those items later in the day. To find the email settings: In Trello, click on the “Show Menu” link in the upper right Click on “˙˙˙ More” Click “Email-to-board Settings” Under “Your emailed cards appear in…”, choose the list that you want to email cards into and the position you want them to land (top/bottom) in the list Under “Your email address for this board”, copy the email link (Ctrl+C)(Cmd+C on Mac) Go to your mail provider (gmail) and add a contact (click on GMail in […]

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Pomello Pomello is a useful timer that stays on top of other programs or windows open on your computer.  It can be a great tool for staying focused during your lead generation or other time-blocked events. Use it with Trello, the free project timeline management system to stay on task. Download it as a stand-alone program or use it as a Chrome Extension. It works right alongside your Trello cards and is easily implemented. Stay focused. Time-block your most productive tasks and accomplish more in your daily routine. For REALTORS® it’s great for lead generating, answering emails, taking that much needed break to do Tabata and more! Do more with your time. Work Smarter – Not Harder! You can add a task in Pomello that will show up as a card in Trello.  You can also pick a task already in your Trello list (a card) when you want to set […]

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