Check Rush Hour Drive Time on Google Maps

Check Commute Times for Home Buyers

Did you know that you can find a more accurate commute time from Google Maps Directions? You can also get notifications when it's time to leave so that you'll arrive on time.Rush Hour Drive Times Google Maps

Just Google search your destination address or go to and search your destination there. Then click on Directions to add your origination address to find the drive time and distance.

Click on Leave Now to change the drop-down selection to Depart At or Arrive By and add your desired time. Google's mapping system has gathered average commute times and will let you know the range of time that you'll need.


Allow notifications from Google for when it’s time to leave

Allow notifications from Google for when it's time to leave.

menu for notifications



When making calendar events within Google Calendar, you can Add a Location that will auto fill when searching the address


(choose the auto fill).

You can then be reminded of when it is time to leave. While you are in, use the menu


icon (3 bars in upper left) to get to the Notifications menu item. Click on it to select "Get notifications when it's time to leave".

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