Custom MLS Portal Header

Custom MLS Portal Header Asheville City Scape

Matrix Screen

Make your clients feel like they're in good hands with a Custom MLS Portal Header.


Log into

Click on the Matrix tab at the top


My Matrix My Info Screen



Click on the My Matrix tab

Select My Info

My Information Custom Branding



Check your information here to see that everything is correct.  If not, please use the link provided at the top "NCMMLS members submit change requests here or contact your local association/MLS."

At the bottom of this Information tab are 2 customizable fields. This is what you will use to make your portal look professional.

In the "Tag Line" field,  I've included my full name and words that identify me as a REALTOR®. You can either copy and paste the word REALTOR® from here or learn that the registered trademark of the word DOES INCLUDE ALL CAPS with the Registered Trademark (shortcut: hold down the Alt button on your keyboard and enter this sequence of numbers 0174, then release the Alt button for it to appear)

In the "Additional Information" field, I entered my primary email address, since that wasn't listed in the other information above. You can use anything you like here.

MLS Header and Footer Tab



Select the Header & Footer tab at the top.

MLS Portal Header Settings



1. Upload a custom banner (See banner options below)
2. Upload your headshot by selecting Use Custom Photo or choose No Photo
3. Choose from the drop-down menu options to customize each row
4. Choose custom colors for the portal
Branding background color (black): #000000
Branding text color (white): #ffffff
Branding link color (green): #3aa600
Banner background color (black): #000000


Download backgrounds for your MLS Portal

Asheville City Background

Barn Background

You can make your own background image by scaling down a photo to 1600 x 120 pixels.
NOTE: When viewed on smaller screens or printed, the right side of the header will be hidden. Please be sure that any text or important imagery is within the left 800 pixels of the image.



Customize your settings if you want a printable footer for your portal.

Remember to click Save at the bottom.


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