Easily Find 9 Digit Zipcodes – Google Contacts

Did you know that you can easily find 9 digit zipcodes by adding a contact to your gmail account?  I say gmail account but really mean your google account.  That’s one of the wonderful features about having a gmail account – you get all that google has to offer as soon as you create a gmail account including, Contacts, Google Drive, Google Spreadsheets, etc.

So, if you need to look up a 9 digit zipcode for an address, simply add the contact in your Google account and you’ve killed 2 birds with one stone!

Go to https://contacts.google.com and Click “Create Contact” and “Create Contact” in the pop up.


Create Contact Google


When you Click “Show More” at the bottom, you’ll be able to enter an address.  As soon as you start typing, addresses matching your text will start to show up.  Choose the correct address and Google will populate your address fields including the 9 digit zipcode.

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