Gmail Email Templates with Cloud HQ

Use Divitia Templates Designed for Agents

With Cloud HQ, you can add a Chrome Extension, “Gmail Email Templates”, that gives you the ability to use email templates written by Divitia Realty and allows you to create your own!  Simply click this link and add the extension Chrome Store – Gmail Email Templates

Chrome Store - Gmail Email Templates

Create Your Cloud HQ Account

Choose the correct Google Account

Choose the correct Google Account or choose Use Another Account to sign into your email address.

Click on the Allow Button

Allow Cloud HQ to access your account

Cloud HQ and Templates Icon Show in Gmail

Click Compose and 3 New Icons Appear at the Bottom

3 New Icons Appear when you click to compose a new email

#1 - Insert a Template

#2 - Save Draft as Template

#3 - Edit as HTML

3 New Icons Appear

Go To Google Drive and Find the Shared With Me folder on the left

Go to Google Drive (type in the URL/Address Bar)

On the left, find your Shared with me folder and select it.

You'll find a few folders there that have been shared by Divitia Realty or anyone else who has shared files.  Your Google Drive is connected to each gmail address you own.  Divitia Realty uses GSuite which means each email address at Divitia has its own Google Docs and Drive associated with it.

Go to Google Drive and Click on Shared with me

In Your Shared With Me folder, find the Gmail Templates folder

Look for the Gmail Templates folder to Add to My Drive

Find the Gmail Templates folder

Right-click on the shared Gmail Templates folder to Add to My Drive

By adding the folder to your drive, you can easily access the Gmail Templates folder from your gmail.  You can now find the new folder in by clicking My Drive on the left. This is still a shared folder.  You have only created a short cut so please be careful what you do with the templates inside.  🙂

Right-click and Add to My Drive

Select the Insert Templates icon to Add Templates to your email

Now you can browse to My Templates and select a pre-made template from Divitia Realty.

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