North Carolina Realtors Get Ready for the Market Change

This is such a great message from Tom Ferry about today’s market for real estate agents.

Successful real estate agents DON’T RELY ON 1 LEAD GENERATION TOOL. You can NOT rely only on your database.

You need to live your life by design, not work as a real estate “hobbyist”.

1/2 of the REALTORS® out there are not doing business! That’s right, just 2000 members in local board, LOTSAR and only about 1000 of them are actually doing the business.

If we are going to have a downturn in our economy, don’t you want to be on the forefront of opportunity for the “BUYER’S MARKET”? Are you ready to show a seller our systems that work to make their home sale easy and quick?

WHAT TOOLS DO YOU HAVE IN YOUR BELT? Do you have the ability to know what your time is worth?  Do you know how to charge for the services you do in an a la carte style?  Think about it.  If you find a seller who thinks DIY is an easy alternative for them, do you know how to close the deal?  They REALLY DON’T KNOW all the things that go into selling their home.  You’re there to help them.

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