Pomello Timer


Pomello is a useful timer that stays on top of other programs or windows open on your computer.  It can be a great tool for staying focused during your lead generation or other time-blocked events. Use it with Trello, the free project timeline management system to stay on task.

Download it as a stand-alone program or use it as a Chrome Extension. It works right alongside your Trello cards and is easily implemented. Stay focused. Time-block your most productive tasks and accomplish more in your daily routine.

For REALTORS® it’s great for lead generating, answering emails, taking that much needed break to do Tabata and more! Do more with your time. Work Smarter – Not Harder!

You can add a task in Pomello that will show up as a card in Trello.  You can also pick a task already in your Trello list (a card) when you want to set a start and end time directly through the Pomello widget on your screen.  It’s so easy!

To top it off, the program provides a productivity status showing Pomodoros, Completed Tasks, Time, and Distractions.  Take the Challenge! See how productive you can be!

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