Email Into Trello Board

Email Into Trello Board is a way of efficiently adding a task to your Trello project timeline. If you’re using a Buyer Template or Seller Template, you can email into your board tasks such as a follow up to a phone call, a reminder to print more brochures, call the landscaper and more. Creating a specific List for Incoming Tasks will help you prioritize those items later in the day. To find the email settings: In Trello, click on the “Show Menu” link in the upper right Click on “˙˙˙ More” Click “Email-to-board Settings” Under “Your emailed cards appear in…”, choose the list that you want to email cards into and the position you want them to land (top/bottom) in the list Under “Your email address for this board”, copy the email link (Ctrl+C)(Cmd+C on Mac) Go to your mail provider (gmail) and add a contact (click on GMail in […]

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