Zipformplus – Sharing Documents with Zip Community

Zipformplus – Sharing Documents with zipCommunity zipCommunity offers a way to utilize the Private Share feature to securely collaborate with another individual involved in the Transaction in order to share documents, transaction history, and more.  You can use Public Share to access your Transaction when necessary. Private Share also gives access to the handy “Chat” feature in order to communicate with your collaborators in real time. zipCommunity is a secure environment. Anywhere you see the Share button, you can click to start Private share. You’ll be given an option to select the individuals from your Transaction or other contacts. You will then set permissions for each individual and can set a length of time that the documents will be accessible to that party. Just like using zipLogix Digitial Ink, zipCommunity sends emails to the signing parties in the order that they appear on your screen: zipLogix Digital Ink® sends out […]

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