The 4 Best Ways to Get More Listings – Kevin Ward

The 4 Best Ways to Get More Listings – Kevin Ward

4 Pipelines to Getting Listings

P.C. (Personal Circle) - Market to your Personal Circle by Texting, Calling, Social Media, Newsletters (video emails)

Turbo Leads - Expireds, Withdrawns, FSBO (For Sale By Owner), Notice of Default, Probate - these are people who have expressed a need or want to sell their homes. Talk to them and ask for the business. Direct mail is slower with higher cost.

Open House - Create an event. Best way = Knock on neighbors doors to invite them to the open house. Show up early on that day 2-3 hours ahead and give the people who answer a flyer. Introduce yourself and invite them and "I was wondering, who do you know that looking at moving into the area that might be interested in this house?" Thank you so much.  I hope you'll come by.  "Oh, just out of curiosity, when are you guys planning on moving?" (Hunting vs. Farming)

Trickle Lead - Cold Calls, Social Media - building relationships, geo-farming, (support pipeline)

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