Trello Overview

Here is a Trello Overview – For a more productive YOU!

Within Trello, you have Boards (projects). Opening up a Board allows you to see Lists (Gray) and Cards (white) within the Lists.

You can change your background to a more pleasing scene or color. (Show Menu | Change Background)

You can click on the background and drag left and right to see the entire project.

A List can be created by double clicking on the background. Within the List, you can make Cards.

A Card can contain Checklists (you can copy checklists between cards!), Labels (Green for go! or make your custom label), Attachments (Add a thumbnail picture to your card) and Due Dates that integrate with your Google Calendar.

The beauty of Trello is that you can Archive Lists or Cards as you complete them. Then when you open a project timeline (Board), you can see exactly what you need to do next.

You can choose to interact with your clients within Trello (optional).  Each time you work within the board, they will be notified of changes.

Trello is very powerful.  At first, it may seem overwhelming. Take your time and play around by creating a new board or COPY one of the Templates (Like Original Buyer Template). Go to Menu and then More to Copy Board. Once you give it a new name, you will automatically be working within that new Board. Within a Board, you can double-click anywhere on the background to make a new List.

I use Trello for major projects but I use it for my grocery list too!  I have a board labeled Home. Within it I have Grocery Items that contain cards labeled bread, toothpaste, milk, etc.  When I’m in need of them, I drag them to my Grocery List. Then, when I’m at the store, I just pull up my Trello App (Android and iPhone) and scroll through my list of needed goods. I can press and hold a card, then move it back to my Grocery Items list once I’ve added them to my cart. This may seem silly to a person that doesn’t have many items to buy every week, but for a busy Mom, it’s crucial.  What other projects can you think of to use with Trello?

For years, I looked for a tool like Trello.  I looked at other apps like Evernote, Wunderlust, and Todoist and tried them all.  Nothing compares to the power of Trello and it’s free! They do have a paid version but I haven’t seen a need for it within the years I’ve been using it. There are tons of other apps/programs that integrate with Trello.  It’s here to stay as a worthy and notable app!

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