Your Client’s View of Zipforms Signing

1. Email from zipLogix Digital Ink that your documents are ready to sign.

email to inbox


Zipforms Plus Ziplogix Digital Ink – Your client’s view of zipForms signing

After you’ve completed adding signature, initial and text fields to your Zipform document, Ziplogix sends an email to your client. Please make your client aware that it may end up in their spam or junk folder.

Email Address used with Ziplogix:

When they open the email, they will find a link to sign their documents

2. Client opens the email to click the link to sign

open the email to click the link to sign



Client’s view of the link to sign

3. Client accepts the terms for digital signature legal consent

Click the link and accept the terms



After the client has clicked through the email link, they will have to Accept Terms of the digital signature.

4. Password and Signature font choices

Create password and signature choice



Your client will be prompted to choose a signing password that they can use for subsequent signings and a signature font or they can create their own.

5. Ready to Review and Sign

Let Me Review



Choose “Let Me Review” to be able to read the documents.  If you choose “Go”, you’ll be rapidly taken from one signature/initial field to the next.

6. Using the Next button

Using the Next Button



You can use the next button at the bottom right to be taken to the next signature/initial field, BUT review the document carefully for non-required fields that may still need your attention (like the choice of dual agency within an agency agreement). Your agent may also place text fields within the document that you can use to fill in a description.

7. Missed Something

You missed something



If you click “Finish” but have missed a required field, you’ll find the “You missed something” pop-up.  Click OK and you’ll be taken to the missed field.

8. Success




After you’ve successfully clicked or filled all required signatures, initials, and text fields, you’ll see a pop-up window letting you Close or Review the docs.

9. Review the documents

Review to see docs again



If you would like to download the documents, click Review.

10. Download the documents

Download the document



Use the download icon to save your documents to your computer.

11. Agent receives documents as PDF

Completed document set is emailed to agent



Your agent will get a copy of the documents immediately in his or her email inbox. The agent can forward those docs to you if all parties have signed.

12. Thank you email

thank you email



You’ll receive a thank you email with a link to your documents.

13. Thank you email link

View docs again



Thanks for using Zipforms!

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