Zipformplus – Sharing Documents with Zip Community

Zipformplus – Sharing Documents with zipCommunity

zipCommunity offers a way to utilize the Private Share feature to securely collaborate with another individual involved in the Transaction in order to share documents, transaction history, and more.  You can use Public Share to access your Transaction when necessary. Private Share also gives access to the handy “Chat” feature in order to communicate with your collaborators in real time. zipCommunity is a secure environment.

Anywhere you see the Share button, you can click to start Private share. You’ll be given an option to select the individuals from your Transaction or other contacts. You will then set permissions for each individual and can set a length of time that the documents will be accessible to that party.

Just like using zipLogix Digitial Ink, zipCommunity sends emails to the signing parties in the order that they appear on your screen:

zipLogix Digital Ink® sends out the signature emails in sequential order. This means that the emails will be sent in the order that they are listed on this screen. If you do not like the order in which the signers appear on the list you can drag and drop them in the order that you prefer. If you drag a signer on top of another signer, those two signers will be able to sign at the same time.

If you want any of the signers to receive copies of the signed documents once the submission is completed, click on the CC check box next to that signer’s name.

Once your collaborator clicks the View Documents button within the email they received, they will be prompted to log in using an existing account or to create a new one.  THIS ZIPCOMMUNITY LOGIN, WILL BE A DIFFERENT LOGIN THAN THEY HAVE USED PREVIOUSLY WITH ZIPFORMS AND WILL REQUIRE A NEW ACCOUNT.

Open a document to see which fields they have changed while they are in the same document.

You can “Stop Sharing” the documents with the button in the top right.

The Public Share button will generate a link to share in an email. Switch Public Sharing on, choose a stop sharing date, select the documents you’d like to share and then copy the link. The parties will only have access with the permissions you have given them.



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  1. Abbie - October 26, 2018

    Hi. Can you share how to sign up free here? Thanks.

    1. Jennifer - December 14, 2018

      Hello there! I’m not sure what you would want to sign up for. What are you looking to receive? You can check The Agent Ally out on Facebook to find new tutorials listed there. Thanks – Jennifer

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